25 June 2015

Results are in!

You remember that whole dissertation thing? Yeah... I nailed it. 

So I'm finally graduating. With my Masters. With a distinction. [That's highest honours for those who don't speak British educational lingo.] 

No big deal.

Ok, well it's kind of a big deal. 

Obviously I'm well chuffed! Feeling super grateful and a little bit of #humblepride right now. 

Since all of my classmates graduated last year and none of my family could be here, I decided to save myself the money of a cap and gown and put it towards a trip somewhere fun. So there won't be any graduation pictures, but make no mistake--the degree is REAL! 

One small step for mankind, one giant broken leg leap for Dana!

Seriously though, thanks so much to everyone who stuck by me and wouldn't let me give up. All of your hard work paid off, too! xx

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