04 October 2014

Wrong Roads

Yesterday I finally found a professor in my department to talk to about my dissertation and all the issues I'm having moving it forward. He was familiar with the topic, so he could easily understand why I kept hitting brick walls. He confirmed my suspicions that though it is an interesting and under-researched topic, it is too far outside my available resources to pursue for a project like this. Then he begged me in the strongest possible way to choose a different topic. It was a great blessing to receive some validation over why I haven't been able to progress at all, as well as encouragement to choose something I really am interested in.

And then we discussed what it is I really want to do, which is studying empathy dynamics in peace building. It may have taken me a ridiculously long time to come to that realization, but even in our brief conversation I was getting excited about it. So even though it's taken me at least 3 previous topics not working out, I finally feel confident in moving ahead on this idea.

This is a humbling teaching tool that Heavenly Father uses with me a lot. He knows that I have a need to know, so I'm often put in situations where I am so confused that the only way I can know is if I pick a path, try it out, and realize it's a dead end. I'm learning that this pattern has actually blessed my life immensely over the years as I don't spend time wondering 'what if?', which is a question designed to rob one of all peace and confidence. Sometimes trying multiple paths means that my journey takes a little longer, but as long as I am keeping my covenants I'll get there in the end.

This Mormon Message by Elder Holland articulates beautifully what I'm trying to convey. Enjoy!

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  1. Love you love you and your brain and experiences. Thanks for sharing.