15 May 2009

Major Dilemma... of the good kind.

Well, I was accepted into the BYU Jerusalem Program for Fall 2009--a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have to be a single, current enrolled undergraduate at BYU, BYU-Idaho, or BYU-Hawaii. So, it's now or never, because I'm only one class away from graduation. Obviously, I would absolutely love to live in the Holy Land for a semester!! But as of now I am completely debt free. This program costs $10, 105. A fee which I definitely don't have. So, it may as well be a million dollars. I will have to take out a loan for the program, which is easier said than done. Though I have no debt, I also have no credit and no equity AND I'm unemployed. So... what in the world to do...

I'll figure it out, and hopefully soon, like by June 12th soon. But mostly, I know that if I am meant to go to Jerusalem then Heavenly Father will help open a way for me to go. So, if you have any suggestions, I will gladly listen!!!

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