25 May 2009

Final Decision... hopefully

Well, if everything works out...aka if I can figure out a way to finance everything, I WILL be attending the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies this fall. I will be living in Jerusalem on Mt. Scopus from September 1-December 17. I came to the conclusion that this IS a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that I've dreamt of for years. SO I'm moving to St. George to continue the job search, as I've had ZERO luck at home. But I'm confident that all things will come together and I'll be able to go to Jerusalem!! So wish me luck!!


  1. Dana! Yea, we can see what you are up to now! I am so excited for you to go to Jerusalem! Scripture study in Gethsemane Sabbath mornings, here you come!

  2. Dana a few of my friends are going in fall. look out for them Anna Daines and Amanda Yockey. How have you been?