17 February 2015

Good Things Already Here

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my struggles and my hope in Good Things to Come. But despite my struggles, my life is full of incredible people who lift and strengthen me, bring me joy, and make me love this beautiful life I'm living no matter how hard it feels at times.

Most of the Good Things in my life over the last few months have revolved around these people, so I know that God has placed them in my life to be constant Tender Mercies for me. I'm really grateful for them!

So, in no particular order, here are some of the recent good things happening:

1) Lamb of God rehearsals have started up again. The music is beautiful as always, and it has continued to be a source of strength through the good and bad. It's also given me an opportunity to make some new friends, which has been both intimidating and refreshing. This year we've doubled the choir and orchestra, and we are performing in a REAL concert hall!

2) I'm still here in the UK--legally! MIRACLE! Seriously, it took Heavenly Father pulling out all the stops to make this one possible. But in all the craziness, I had a lot of support from friends, coworkers, and family.

3) Valentine's Pancake Party!! Need I say more?!

4) My phone broke because I got drenched in a freak hurricane-like storm a few weeks ago. But my coworker offered to lend me her old smartphone. So now I have a 'fancy' phone as I call it (though everyone assures me it is not haha) with some apps that are making it easier to stay in contact with family and friends around the world. Seriously, it's a whole new world to me, but it's been really fun--and slightly distracting.

5) I've gotten to go to the Temple twice in the last month, and both visits have gone a long way to helping me get myself back on the track I want to be on.

6) Strengthening relationships with some unexpected people has been really good for my soul.

7) My *bff* got engaged over Christmas, and helping her make decisions about wedding plans has been so fun. Cathartic even. I love this girl so much and she's finally found a man who will be a wonderful kind, loving, equal partner with her, and that makes me so incredibly happy!

8) I fulfilled a LIFELONG dream and finally got to go to Paris with my sister (and her hubby)!!! It was a whirlwind 2 weeks of traveling, but we had a blast! Added bonus: I didn't have to spend Christmas alone this year!

9) I started a *new job* back in October working for a development research centre based at my Uni. It's been great so far, making new friends, getting involved with my department, learning a lot, and getting some relevant and reputable work experience for my CV. It really has been an incredible tender mercy!

10) At the end of January I was finally discharged from the Fracture Clinic with the decision to not have further surgery on my leg. I've managed to make enough progress through physio over the last few months that surgery wouldn't have been able to help enough and would've brought with it it's own set of consequences. My leg is at about 85% right now, and hopefully over the next year or so I'll be able to increase that even more. But for now, I'm taking this victory, however small, because I REALLY didn't want to have more surgery or go back to crutches. Such a relief to have avoided that!

See?! I've had some very tender mercies over the last several months, especially thanks to some truly delightful people in my life. Thank you to them for all they do for me! xxxx

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