19 September 2014

David Austin Rose Gardens

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned my deep longing to go to these rose gardens not too far from Brum? I finally went! And it was a dream come true! (Literally. The last few months I've been having dreams which take place within the rose gardens.)

Last Saturday, Chloe and I took a train to Bloxwich North where her grandmother picked us up and drove us to the gardens. Chloe's aunt and cousin also met up with us there, and we had a wonderful afternoon together. And I'm a little bit in love...
Life is always better when you're in a garden. Add some warm sunshine and a light breeze and you'll be in paradise. That is exactly what it felt like on Saturday. Lovely, delightful, glorious paradise!

And I have the pictures to prove it (I took so many pictures, and it's too hard to choose my favorites, so I've included a little bit of everything).

And if none of those pictures enchanted you into wanting to visit for yourselves, perhaps this gorgeous guy will...

It doesn't take much to charm or enchant me, but a garden is a guaranteed entrance to the centre of my soul. I could've spent all day here, but I'm grateful for the few hours I did have. They were perfect!

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