15 August 2014


On Sunday night I returned home to Poole House after spending the last month in Lichfield. My time away was a huge tender mercy, and I'm forever grateful to the Mace family for opening up their hearts and home to me. I had no idea how much I needed it, but as usual Heavenly Father was watching out for me and answered that prayer before I even prayed it.

But I'm back now. So it's time to get to work and start putting my life back together. First things first, I obviously started with my room.

I really can't describe how lovely it is to be sleeping in my own bed again. Finally! It's been a long 4 months in getting here, but I can finally go up and down the stairs at Poole House on two legs, even if rather slowly. But since there's no one here for me to inconvenience by my turtle's pace, it isn't a big deal.

However, being alone also means I've had multiple days this week where I have not seen or spoken to another human being. So I've decided I need to buy a plant. It doesn't particularly matter what kind (though I'm hoping for something with flowers), just so long as it's something to talk to. I prefer to think of this decision as eccentric and not pathetic. haha ;)

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