18 February 2014

I love love.


It's a beautiful thing.

It's one of the main reasons why Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. Another reason is because growing up my mom always made a big deal out of it. A typical Valentine's Day growing up would go something like this:

  • My mom's specialty hot breakfast: heart-shaped pancakes with berries and cool whip and/or chocolate chips, eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast, hot chocolate... the WORKS. 
  • A Valentine present on each of our seats... mine was normally a pair of V-day socks. Yes... I now own a plethora of V-day socks. 
  • An envelope full of candy and some money (about $5 usually) from my grandmother, who lived with us.
  • Delicious packed lunches complete with our favorite candy or homemade goodies. Of course our sandwiches would be heart-shaped. And they ALWAYS included a love note from my mom.
  • Homemade goodies (normally chocolate chip cookies or something like that) waiting for us when we got home from school as a snack to tie us over til dinner.
  • A fancy dinner which we ate in the dining room (the only other time we ate in there was on Thanksgiving, so you KNEW it was a big deal. haha)... sometimes steak or roast or something a bit fancier than what we usually had.
  • Delicious desserts... normally something chocolatey and something fruity.
  • Raspberries. I remember lots of raspberries on Valentine's Day, which we didn't have very often bc they're so expensive. I love raspberries. For this fact alone, Valentine's Day was bound to be my favorite.
It's pretty obvious now why Valentine's Day would be my favorite holiday, right?

Well, I always initiate new roommates into celebrating Valentine's Day 'Blackburn style' as it were. Sarah and Chloe were the lucky participants this year. They loved it, obviously.

We made homemade pizza for dinner... DELISH. Even managed to make one heart-shaped.

Sarah concentrating on perfectly placing the toppings.

After devouring our dinner we proceeded to play Valentine Scrabble, meaning that all the words had to somehow relate to Valentine's Day or love in someway... it was hard. But so fun! And I FINALLY won a game of scrabble. haha Not that you'd know that by my latest attempt...

The final board shot

We finished off the night by watching Some Like It Hot, which is an old black and white Marilyn Monroe movie. Hilarious! I love old movies, and this one is in my top 10, so I was glad to introduce the girls to it.

After the movie I gave the girls their Valentines which I'd gotten on my trip: scarves (obviously pink) and chocolate, along with funny V-day cards.

Friday morning I woke up and found that my food cupboard had been heart attacked by Sarah, with a few puns thrown in for added pleasure. Friday evening Chloe gave me a cute jar full of crafty notes that she'd made of things she loves about me, or memories we've made together.

It really was a delightful celebration of love, and I was happy that they got into it with me. Because, really,
What's not to love about love?

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