08 March 2010

Floral Design

So the more I learn, the more I'm grateful that I'm about to graduate because I realize I probably would be changing my major right now, or at least adding on a few minors. I am taking Floral Design this semester, and LOVING EVERY MINUTE of it. My favorite so far as been my Japanese design arrangement, but that's probably because it is the first one where I really didn't know how to do it beforehand. We started out the semester with just a simple bouquet and learning how to wrap them. Then we made bud vases for Valentine's Day. This was followed by boutonnieres, and then last week we made our Japanese design. It's been on my Bucket List for years to work in a Floral Shop, but now I know that it's going to stay on that list. I love this. I love flowers. If I am ever rich, this is definitely the hobby I'm going to take up... but for now, I'm just going to have to be satisfied with my perennial garden that is 2000 miles away from me lying under a blanket of snow.


  1. How am I supposed to keep track of your life if you never leave a post!? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :]