01 January 2010


I was getting cranky working on my schedule because I just can't figure it out. Something just doesn't feel right about it. Grrrr. SO in rebellion, I've gone back through all of my posts and added pictures and occasional videos if they are going the right direction... haha. They are mostly either my favorite pictures, or they give a good feeling for some of the things I saw. Now if I can just catch up on posts from Galilee and December... Enjoy!!

And in the spirit of trying to stay UP-TO-DATE (novel concept I know...) I thought I would put up a couple of our family pictures that we took Monday morning before Erika and John went back home. Possibly our last family picture for a very long time...


  1. oh these are great! So much better than I was expecting! Lol yay!

  2. What can I say? I do good work. ;) haha

  3. that one of logan and skylar looking at each other perfection!