03 December 2009


Dang. I looked at the date from when I last posted... it's been 3 weeks! How did I let this happen? Well in my defense, I had zero access to the internet for 11 of those 21 days... but other than that I don't have much to say for myself. I definitely have lots that I need to catch up on, but with finals coming up again next week, and us continuing to have field trips in between now and then... it probably won't happen for awhile.

So just some recaps:
Galilee--absolutely amazing. Took my breath away in every moment. Jerusalem is a beautiful place, and it is where the Savior died and resurrected. But in life, Galilee is where Christ lived, taught, healed, blessed, and loved. I have come to such a better understanding of so many things, as if the gift of remembrance has slowly been thinning the veil around my spiritual, eternal memory. I have SO much to say about my stay in Galilee, but the most important thing that I can stay, is that the Savior really did live, and though I've been privileged enough to see where that was, the key thing is that I know He lived, and that He still lives today.

Christian Jerusalem Field Trip--went to several churches, talked with a variety of people, and learned a lot actually... more to follow on that.

Logan came home!!!! My wittle bruder finally is home again!!!! Thank goodness that those two years went by fast, because it was starting to feel very long. I am so proud of him and his faithful dedication to serving our Heavenly Father and His children in RIverside, California. I know that both he and our family have been immensely blessed because of his service, and we probably don't even know how many blessings were directly caused by his faithfulness. I love him so much and I am SO excited to see him when I go home in 2 weeks!! It's going to be hard enough to say goodbye to this beautiful place that I've grown so attached to, but knowing that my family is there waiting for me is going to make it so much easier!

Generosity and Gift-Giving--this is all I really have time to say, but just know that people tend to really like me when we are out in the city, so I have gotten a lot of free little things as tokens of their appreciation or generosity. I love these people, and I hope that I can become as selfless, generous, and hospitable as the loving people of the Holy Land.

Bethlehem and our "Christmas Eve"--this was today. It is days like today when I realize just how much I really have learned here in Jerusalem... about the people, the conflict, the language, the history, the religion, the geography, the scriptures, and even things like getting a good olive wood deal! We ended our day with a Christmas program in the Shepherd's Field, and I was privileged enough to sing 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" with a few other girls as a part of that program. It was absolutely wonderful to feel so strongly of the spirit of Christ's birth. Even this story that I thought was so simple, in its telling and reality, I have come to recognize how much deeper and richer the story truly is, and I am grateful for the wonderful insights that I am gaining here!

Ok, well this definitely does not get me off the hook. But I did want to be able to give a nugget of information for the few of you that might have noticed how long it has been since I've written (but I doubt anyone falls into that category). I hope everyone is doing well! Loves!

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