01 October 2009

Dear Penpals

Dear Mrs. Reyes' class,
How are you all doing? Thank you so much for your letters!! All of your questions about food made me VERY hungry! Lots of you LOVE pizza... Mrs. Reyes LOVES pizza, too! I really like pizza as well, but sadly I have not had any pizza at all since I've been here in Jerusalem. I am starting to miss it a lot though! My favorite food is most definitely ice cream!!! Mrs Reyes can tell you all kinds of stories about how much I LOVE ice cream! :) My trip to Egypt was so fun! I got to go inside the Pyramids. Have you ever seen what the Pyramids look like? They are SO BIG!! Also, I got to ride a camel along the bank of the Nile River. It is the biggest river in the entire world! We took a bus and rode all day long to get to Egypt. But while we were in Egypt, we took a plane, a train, a camel, a horse-drawn carriage, and several different boats and buses in order to get around. We also walked and hiked A LOT. What kinds of transportation do you guys use every day? I have been seeing so many really old things. One of my favorite things has been to see records that people kept thousands of years ago about what was going on in their lives. Do any of you keep journals and records, too? I hope that you guys will practice your writing a lot so that your records can last a long time, too! Thanks for writing me! I love to hear from you all!

Miss Dana


  1. this week they answered your question about how they get around. I'm also going to try and take pictures of some of the pictures they've drawn

    Dear Miss Dana,
    I use the bus and a car to get around. What do you do on the next day?- Mark

    I use my skateboard to get around. Are you having fun? - martin

    I use a bike to get around. Did you ride a horse?- Ana

    I use my bike, a car, and my feet to get around. - Arturo

    I use a skateboard to get around because it is fun to ride a skateboard. I love skateboarding. I like pizza. Do you?-Adriana

    I use a bus and my feet to get around. I like pizza, too, Miss Dana. - Manuel

    I use a bus, a car, and my feet. What do you see?-Melanie

    I use a bus to get around. -Alex

    I use a bus to get around. Is it cold there?-Lizbeth

    I use a bus to get around. What is in the pyramid?-Marselle

    I use a truck to get there. It takes so long. What does the camel eat?-Luis s.

    I use a car to get around. Are there sheep there?-Marisol

    I use a bus to get around. Where are you at?-Monica

    I use my truck to get around. What does a camel eat?-Uriel

    I use a skateboard to get around. What do you eat?-Juan

    I use a camel to get around. Was riding the camel fun?-Cecilia

    I use a truck to get around. Do you use your feet?-Daniel

    I use a car, a bus, and my feet to get around. I miss you Miss Dana!- Stacey

    I didn't change these at all. We switched to October journals so your birthday letters are still at school. I'll write them in tomorrow! Love you lots!

  2. So adorable. I can't wait for more haha! I'll write them again soon. Loves!