04 August 2009

Exciting things coming my way!

I had a phone conference last week and if we get permission from our professor, my senior thesis (co-written with Krystyna Hales) is going to get published!!! YAY!!! I'm SO excited! I just really have to get busy on the revisions because it is due in a couple weeks.

I also had an exciting/scary realization that this last Sunday was my last Fast Sunday in the United States for the rest of this year! AAAAHHHHH. I can't even believe it! The summer has gone by SO FAST! First there was the Family Reunion, then setting up Erika's classroom, and then working for the last couple of months with only 7 days off so far. WHEW. I'm SO excited for Jerusalem! However I also know that things aren't going to slow down until after Christmas. When I get home from Jerusalem in December, my brother Logan will be back from his mission and there to greet me at the airport! Somehow I know that a couple weeks of break in between semesters will not be nearly enough time for the two of us to catch up on the last two years of our lives, but I know we're certainly going to try!! And then of course Winter semester I get to once again live with the best bestie ever and finish up my undergrad years at BYU! No rest for the weary, but certainly lots of exciting things for me to look forward to in the next few months!

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