21 July 2009

The Life of a Working Girl

Well, working 54 hours a week and living out of hotels as pretty much made it so that my only social life is with the people I work with. But we are getting to know each other better and having a blast! I love the people I work with, and I'm learning so much about so many different things. Particularly liquor... these people LOVE their alcohol. haha ;) Last Friday we all went bowling, and it was hilarious! On Sunday, a group came up to Salt Lake and I was able to meet them at Temple Square and help show them around. It was a really neat experience, and I'm so grateful it worked out so I could be there. The tour at the Conference Center was a little long, but the view from the roof at the end made it totally worth it for me. Salt Lake City is so beautiful! And it is so peaceful up there. I loved every minute of it! I was able to get a few pictures of the gang, so I thought I would post some so you could see who I'm working with. And just ignore that a few of the pictures are taken at the bar... haha

I am not being transfered up to the site in SLC, which I'm a little bummed about. Looks like I'll be staying in Delta for a while longer... and quite possibly the rest of the summer. It is also looking like I might be forced to move back over to the Budget Motel. :/ But, what would life be if it weren't full of adventures and crazy stories like mine?!

When I was in Provo this weekend, a friend gave me this sweet Henna Tattoo on my ankle. Love it! Love her! Next weekend, it's a pink streak in my hair! ;)


  1. hey Dana, I don't know if you remember me as your visiting teachee, but I found your blogspot through your facebook and thought I'd drop by to say hello. It sounds like you're having a blast! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself =) I hoep that work pays you well and that you enjoy that pink streak in your hair! ;-) if I didn't work at BYU I would put a purple streak in mine...heh heh take care!

    - Brianne Burr

  2. by the way, AWESOME music here on your blog! love it! =)

  3. Brianne!!! OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU!! :) Unfortunately, none of the stores in Delta sold pink hair dye. And alas, I leave for Jerusalem in two weeks so now I'll just have to wait until after graduation. Total Bummer! Do you have a blog? I didn't find one under your name, but if you do I'd love to keep in touch with you! You are so wonderful and I hope things are going well in your life, too! (And I'm glad that you enjoy the music :) Loves!